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New Google Dance and New PR

Written by Alfonso Muñoz on July 28, 2008 – 7:27 am

The rumor of a new Google Dance was around several blogs and some bloggers stated that at the end on July we would get a new shake on our PR‘s. They were right and it happened few days ago.

Before this shake Binary Ant didn’t have PR yet and now this blog shows PR2. I didn’t expected a higher one because I didn’t work very hard in my link building. When I was running my Spanish blog I jumped from unasigned PR to PR3 and I must confess that it disappointed me because perhaps I expected to jump to PR4. I worked quite more the link building in that occasion.

So now I have PR2, not too bad to the little work done. This means that Binary Ant is growing day by day. Also Alexa‘s and Compete‘s ranks are improving too.

It is true that two months ago this blog had more activity but now I’m running a couple of web projects in which I’m testing my new marketing knowledge. I’m testing tools and strategies following the well known tactic of “trial & error”. I think it has no sense to talk about marketing without the real experience of success so I prefer to wait to have solid results before give some advice.

Finally a SEO advice to improve your PR: work on your link building. Get as many external links as possible, no matter how irrelevant a link could be, a link is a link and it is worth to get it. Where you can get links?

  • From forums, place your link in your sign.
  • From web directories: look for directories to include your site.
  • From comments in other blogs: look for “dofollow” blogs and leave there some words.
  • From other blogs if a link exchange is possible, but this point involve two-way links so I put less importance over this one unless the other blog had a very interesting PR.

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15 Comments to “New Google Dance and New PR”

  1. Norhafidz Says:

    Congrats Alfonso! Thanks for sharing your thoughts too! :)

  2. Alfonso Muñoz Says:

    Thanks friend :). You got a really wonderful PR3, nice job!

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  14. Fiuxy Says:

    Now the biggest problem is not the Pagerank, but Google Panda!

  15. Wahyudi Says:

    Your article pelerctfy shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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